Pylon Free Standing pylon signage makes your business or property stand out.

Pylon sign systems create unique and attractive illuminated and non-illuminated signage with monolithic styling for primary site identification, directions, and information. Pylon signs feature clean edge treatments and countersunk fasteners. Removable access panels with countersunk fasteners are built in to accommodate the maintenance of lighting components. Available in monolithic, square, triangular and custom shapes.

Pylons Sign, mounted in front of premises building, increases visibility considerably to the traveling public and helps recall. We can design, manufacture and install pylons for mall directory, hospitals, corporate buildings, etc.

From Design to fabrication, manufacturing, permitting, installation and QAA inspections. offer single contractor, turnkey service.For added impact include an electronic display unit for motion graphics from amber color simple reader board to full color video imaging.

Our pylons are constructed with internal supports and mounting posts which are directly embedded in the ground.  Base plates are also available with signs are being surface mounted or installed on a new or existing foundation/footing.

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